Conception and development of customized cooling- and refrigeration technology

Cooling and freezing in the field of life sciences are sophisticated and demanding tasks for device manufacturers. Our engineers and cryo technicians help with planning, design and construction of perfect cooling and freezing technique for your intended purpose.

Controlled Rate Freezing at the lab socket

The freezing of blood products, living cells and tissues has high demands on cooling power but requires simultaneously a homogenous temperature distribution in the cooling chamber and a precise process control with flexibly programmable freezing rates. For reasons of flexibility, safety and sterility, there is an increasing demand to renounce liquid nitrogen as a coolant. The market increasingly requires machine cooled equipment, which should provide comparable performance with as low as possible size. We offer innovative strategies for miniaturization of high performance cooling machines with adapted cooling power as a basis for high end freezing out of the lab socket.

Large and Small Scale Freezing

Different purposes require various technical concepts in controlled rate freezing. In biological, medical or forensic research labs, the smallest amounts of samples in milliliter-scale are preserved. However a high number of samples must be managed in the process under sterile conditions. This requires an ultra-compact, flexible and easy to clean design with easy handling. This is the classical domain of the pulse-tube cooler. On the other hand in biotechnological production processes, large containers need controlled freezing to prevent damage and degradation of suspended cells, technical enzymes or pharmaceutical substances. An optimal thermal process control has totally different requirements to refrigeration technology and freezer design for packaging/ container sizes up to 100 liters. Multi-stage cooling machines with a cooling reservoir and efficient thermal coupling to the frozen samples compete with the classical technique of refrigeration generated by evaporation of nitrogen. We can develop the suitable solution for small scale applications as well as industrial use or are able to optimize existing freezer design according to your request.